Q: How may our department add security to our building or space?

A: ISD can provide your department with an assessment of which security items your space needs and an estimate for the project. Call 412-648-5008 (option 1) or fill out the request form.

Q: Why can I no longer find 2P numbers while trying to add a new user?

A: In AccessIt, go to the drop-down for Look For and make sure that Last Name or Card Number is checked.

Q: When a card is held up to the card reader, the reader light turns green and then goes back to red and does not allow access. What is the issue?

A: The new readers will go from red to green with any card present. This does not mean that they have access or that the door equipment is malfunctioning.

  • The new card might not have the correct access assigned to it.
  • It might be a card programming issue from Panther Central.

ISD will investigate the reader and card to figure out which is the issue.  

Q: Why can I no longer log into AccessIt?

A: If AccessIt is down for a long period of time, ISD will inform users via email. Most of the time there are Windows updates that will not allow the program to run correctly on your computer. If this is the case, please contact your department's IT help to resolve the issue.

Q: Who can request a building schedule change?

A: The building administrator or a person designated by the building administrator may request a schedule change.

Q: Who can request a change in card access?

A: The building administrator for an area may request a change in card access for a cardholder in their area. Most building administrators have access to a program which allows them to make card access changes on their own. Building administrators are the only personnel who may request access level changes.

Q: What is the University's video surveillance policy?

A: Review the policy for Video Surveillance Installed on University Premises for Safety and Security Purposes.

Q: How do I report suspicious activity?

A: If you See Something, Say Something. Call the Pitt Police at 412-624-2121 or 9-1-1.